I would love to recommend you to others, how can I do that?

Oh! Thank you - it truly means so much to us when we hear that you love your experience enough to tell the world - all the happy smiles :)

There are a few ways to get your heart warming words out there:

If you have a gmail account, a Google review is a great way to share the love. You can do follow this link to do that.

This platform is a great option if you're not connected to gmail. Just jump online and leave your thoughts here.

These are definitely the best options in terms of sharing your Arlo & Co love most effectively, but if you'd prefer to, you're welcome to shoot us through your thoughts via email and we can pop your message on our website. Send a message through to our Customer Care team and they'll make sure that the entire team hears about your experience.

We love to see your photos too. Feel free to tag us @arloandco via instagram. We do try to pop in and respond to your messages and thoughts on our Social Media channels when we can!

We often publicly share the feedback that we receive. If your feedback is shared by us, this will only ever be done using your first name and state where you live, or using your social media handle (i.e. account name).  If you don’t wish for us to share your feedback, please notify us.  

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