I have a business and need some signage, what options do you have?

We'd love to help with this and have a few great options that we've created with businesses in mind!

Our Supersized Signage is a great solution. These are specifically designed for businesses (though they can be utilised for many things) and come in Large and Extra Large. All the details, including photos and size options are on that product page. They are drawn up by our designer, who ensures that your business name will look great in this design.

We also have our gorgeous Custom Logo Plaques which are printed using a high resolution logo provided by you. They come in a range of sizes between 30cm - 60cm. Similar to these, we also have Etched logo Plaques and they look stunning as a completed piece. These are etched instead of painted to give that striking effect two toned effect in the timber.

Another option is our Supersized Script Name Plaques. Here you can order each separate word that you’ll need in whichever size you'd prefer or even mix and match sizes with a smaller size Script Name Plaque. If you know what words or phrase you have in mind, we can help you out with recommending the best use of our products to meet your needs on that. Please do reach out if you’d like to get our thoughts on this.

If you decide to go with utilising the Script Name Plaques, it's worth sending us a message in reply to your confirmation email so that we can 'size match' the pieces that might sit together. This will just mean that they look beautiful together height wise.

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