Leather Products - Care Guide


Arlo & Co leather accessories are made using full grain, vegetable-tanned leather. No pigments are used to hide the leather defects and in some cases, some marks will be visible on the leathers as a result of the natural process. This is normal, and over time the leather will develop an organic patina that increases with age as it shapes itself to your life. It's important to avoid allowing the leather to come into contact with water, moisture, oils, perfumes, or cosmetics as this can significantly diminish the look of your leather. Also keep away from children. To slow the natural effects of your leather's wear and ageing, we also highly recommend the use of leather protectant.


When cared for properly, your products are sure to last for many years to come. To ensure the longevity of your high-end Arlo & Co. products, please follow the product care guidelines listed in the product descriptions below, and those instructions that come with your parcel.

Please note that Arlo & Co products come without a warranty. We encourage you to follow all product care guidelines listed here, in the product descriptions, or that accompany your product, and to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long-life and quality of your items. Contact us at hello@arloandco.com.au if you require any further information regarding the long-term care of your particular product.

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