Jewellery - Care Guide


Keep your jewellery sparkling, simply follow these simple care tips and tricks.

Avoid contact with liquids and moisture. This applies to all metals, however particularly your silver pieces which can tarnish when exposed to air or moisture. It’s best to take jewellery off when cooking, showering, cleaning or swimming. Acidic foods, chemicals, perfumes and some elements in water can cause your jewellery to tarnish faster. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, storing your beauties in an airtight bag or container will avoid exposure to those elements and keep it looking it's best.

Regularly clean your jewellery with a soft, non-abrasive jewellery cloth. Gently polish your treasures by rubbing each piece, following the grain of the metal. Try to avoid using circular motions. Patience and a soft touch is the way to love your piece best. Please avoid polishing plated pieces too frequently, as this may cause wear from frequent friction.

Store your pieces separately. Make sure that when your pieces are stored, they aren’t making direct contact with other metals or anything that could scratch or rub at any time. This will just mean that they’re kept scratch free and prevent your treasures from becoming dull.


All of our jewellery is made from sterling silver and many of our products can be plated with 14ct yellow gold, or rose gold, on top of the sterling silver base. 

Unfortunately, the nature of plated jewellery is that all gold plating is a finish and it can wear away over time. It can be affected by elements such as exposure to water, heat, chlorine and chemicals found in body lotions/ cosmetics/ perfumes as well as different skin types. 

If the plating on your product wears away within the first three months of purchasing we are happy to re-plate the item free of charge. However beyond the first three months of purchasing there is a $40 re-plating charge should you wish you have us do this for you.

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When cared for properly, your products are sure to last for many years to come. To ensure the longevity of your high-end Arlo & Co. products, please follow the product care guidelines listed in the product descriptions below, and the instructions that come with your parcel.

Please note that Arlo & Co products come without a warranty. We encourage you to follow all product care guidelines listed here, in the product descriptions, or that accompany your product, and to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long-life and quality of your items. Contact us at if you require any further information regarding the long-term care of your particular product.

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