How do I order a Custom Cake Topper?

Custom Cake Toppers are the perfect way to add a special touch to your Birthday Celebrations.  We create these unique products from your ideas and any inspiration you've found :)

You'll see a section on the page to pop your wording in and you can also leave special instructions if you have any.  The more information you can give us about the style you'd like - script or bold/caps fonts, for example - the easier it is for us to create something you're sure to love. 

You may have even seen some font options or ideas from other designs we've created in the past that you love or think would be a great fit for your occasion. You can always include a screen shot or a link back to those designs if you'd like to use those as inspo. Or upload an image of other pieces, styles, or any other inspiration that you love and our designer will create your piece, inspired by the images and suggestions you provide.

If you're not sure where to begin or are unsure whether our regular delivery times will work for your date, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9070 8156 to have a chat with one of our team about what you're trying to achieve.


Please note that we do not replicate the work of others. We will work with your ideas and inspiration to create something you love :)

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