How do I place name plaque order for a word with accent marks?

We love unique, and that includes all of the different ways that you can spell - and say - a name.

We can definitely create a piece that has diacritic (or accent) marks over them.

The best way to order your name is to simply enter the name as you'd like it to appear and it will be cut to order exactly how you see it in the preview window. If you have trouble using regular keyboard input, you can copy and paste the name into the field - just make sure it reads exactly how you'd like it to as this is how it will be created for you.

When your order arrives, it will come with the accent attached separately for you to place above your word. Be careful on opening your parcel that you don't miss that it's there!

If you run into any trouble while placing your order, feel free to shoot through an email for peace of mind. Our Customer Care Team will be happy to follow this up for you :)

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