Can I order two names on one Name Plaque?

As mentioned in the product description, our gorgeous plaques are generally designed and made for one word only.  But, we do have a few options we can suggest so that you can order the best piece for your needs :)

While we can make a piece with two names (if the character count allows), it will be made to a total length of approximately 30cm/50cm/80cm - depending on the size you select when you order). However, if we do this the end result is likely to be quite fragile and this option is not recommended, as you may not be completely happy with it. 

What we usually suggest for two names, is for you to purchase two standard separate name plaques. We can then design these with the same height for both names -  just let us know that you'd like them size matched by giving us a call or shooting through an email shortly after placing your order :)

Of course, it is totally up to you. I understand there is extra expense, but we want you to be completely happy with your Arlo piece once it arrives to you.

Also, just a note if your name is hyphenated. When you place your order, just make sure that you include the hyphen when you type the names in and we will post this with your order.

Feel free to give us a call in the office on (03) 9070 8156 if you would like to have a chat via phone or send us a message if you have any more questions.

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