What size will my name plaque be?

When it comes to the length and height of your word or name, it is entirely dependent on your specific order. 

However, we do provide size guides on each product description to give you an idea of how large your piece might be.

The thing to keep in mind, is that shorter names will likely reach the maximum height, before they reach the maximum length. And longer names will likely reach the maximum length, and so won't reach the maximum height.

If you're needing a reminder of what sizes each plaque comes in:

These come in a max length of 30cm, and the letter height will be no greater than 15cm

These will be created up to 50cm in length, maximum of 22cm letter height

Extra Large
These will be created up to 80cm in length, maximum of 35cm letter height 

Every plaque length and height will be dependent on the name/word you choose, as each will have different characters.

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