Why are my name plaques different sizes?

Eeep! Sounds like you may have missed the details in the product description about sizing. 

The little note we include there looks like this:

'Important:  If you are ordering more than one piece, and would like them to be sized matched, please let us know immediately after placing your order by emailing hello@arloandco.com.au.'

Because we really want you to be completely happy with your purchase, we’re careful to include all those details (including info about sizing) in the product description, so you can proceed knowing everything you need to know :)

Each word or name we create will vary in height and length due to the size of the characters and how many letters are in each piece. We do include a size guide on each product too, to give you an approximate idea of the length or height of your piece. You can find out more about when you might need to size match your pieces here.

Hopefully you can put your plaques to good use somewhere, but if they really need to be the same height and balanced together, please let get in touch to chat about options for you to re-order some new pieces that are size matched.

If there's anything we can help with, send us a message or call to chat via phone (03) 9070 8156 (9am-3pm Mon-Thur EST)

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