How do I mount a plaque to the wall?

This is the exciting part! Getting your gorgeous piece into place on your wall or door :)

Before you remove your piece from the backing board, just bear in mind that the acrylic mirror is beautiful but also fragile. Please handle the acrylic products with care. Before putting the acrylic mirror on your chosen surface, please undo all twist ties that fasten your mirror to the backing board. Leaving even one twist tie connected could cause your mirror to snap when being lifted off the backing board. When holding your acrylic piece, please hold by the thickest parts of the product.

When you are mounting the plaque on the wall, just make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and dry. Then fasten it to the clean, dry surface with your choice of adhesive.  We recommend contacting the adhesive brand to seek advice on whether the product you've selected is right for your wall surface.  Many of our customers have great success using quality Command 3M Mounting strips - the velcro style, which can be cut to size if needed - but please call us to discuss the best options for you. 

Alternatively, for Regular sized plaques you may wish to use an adequate amount of Blu-Tack, with caution.

Take care not to place too much pressure on any one part of the piece when you're placing it on the wall and when you're using either method to mount the plaque, just make sure that your piece is totally secure before walking away).

You can also check out our video How-To on mounting your wall plaque here.   Please note, we have used Blu-Tack in this video to demonstrate how to pop your plaque on the wall, but this is not suitable for all wall surfaces, or for larger plaques.  Please check that the adhesive you use is right for your wall.  

Hope that helps and that you love the final result!

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