Do you change the images I provide you?

Nope, we don't want to tamper with the precious images that our customers have carefully chosen.

Photos that are submitted to our website are printed just as we receive them, and we don't edit them at all - including lightening photos with shadows or adjusting contrast or cropping.

Any product that you purchase which requires a photo, will have clear instructions on the types of images that will or won't work - including recommendations regarding photos that are too dark, too light, or need to be cropped in some way.

Please make sure that you review that info, and if you have any concerns over the photo you'd like to use, feel free to send it through to us before you place your order and we can let you know our thoughts :) You can contact us via message right here, and attach the image that you were thinking of using.

We do review your product before it leaves our studio, if we believe you may not be happy with it we will let you know of the potential problem. This can sometimes be more difficult during peak seasons and we do this as a courtesy to you where we can. We will definitely try to help out where we can to fix the problem, but it's best to begin with the right photograph from the start. We create your piece with the info that you provide us.

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