How do I choose the right photo for a wood print?

The wonderful thing about our Wood Prints is that no two are alike. That’s pretty special, and usually the reason people choose these natural, unique pieces.

A couple of helpful pointers for choosing a great image for your piece:


We don't use white ink in our printing of these products and light colours are transparent. This allows the wood grain to be visible creating a beautiful effect with the unique grain coming through adding extra depth to your photo.

While white portions of your photograph add great dimension to these gorgeous prints, try to choose images that have good contrast against the white portions of the photograph. If there's too much white or not enough contrast then the final product may not have enough impact and look a little washed out.

These pieces are truly gorgeous, and we can assure you that we've had wonderful feedback from customers who have used pictures with white elements (e.g wedding photos, black & white images), and the finished print is always stunning.


Because of the way that the file is set up and then your piece is printed, it means that you may lose 1-2cm around the entire edge of the image. When choosing your image, just be mindful that any important details have enough room around them to make sure that they're kept in the printing process.

However, if you're uncertain, feel free to send through the images your were considering and we can direct you towards the best options :)

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