What's the difference between ready made, personalised and custom products?

Good question, glad you asked :)

Ready-made Products
These are items from our store that require no personalisation - including products like our Hip Hip Hooray Cake Toppers, our Ice Cream Wall Sticker Set,  etc. The good thing about these is that they’re ready to ship quickly. However, if you order any of these items with a Personalised Product or Custom Order, you’ll have to wait until those pieces are ready to go before your whole order is sent.

Personalised Products
These have templated designs which are then personalised according to your preferences. This could be something like the name on a Round Name Plaque In Blonde, the photo and message on a Personalised Bamboo Keytag With Photo or the colour of the word “love” on a Bamboo Love Plaque for example. These items usually take a week to make before they’re ready to be finalised, packaged and then readied for the Postie. Because they’re made in batches, all orders will sit in our system waiting for their time to be batch produced. Orders placed for this product after the batch has gone into production, will have to wait until for the time between, before a batch of the same product will be created again.

Custom Designed Orders
We'll bring these to life from your imagination. A great example of these are our ever-popular Birthday Boards. We don’t have these stocked in the workshop or ready to pull up from a template, they're designed from scratch. That’s why these Custom Designed Orders will usually take longer to finalise before they are ready to be made. Products like these often involve a back-and-forth process with you to match the design to your heart’s desire. Once you OK the design, we’ll pop a hold on our Personalised Products batches to put the Custom Designed Order through production. This is the reason Custom Designed Orders incur an additional fee and take a bit longer to make. They’re totally unique, with no two the same.

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