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  • Name Plaque - Care Guide

    ACRYLIC CARE INFO Arlo & Co acrylic products are made using quality acrylic perspex (including mirror). The acrylic mirror is beautiful but also fragile. Please handle the acrylic products with care.

  • How do I mount a plaque to the wall?

    This is the exciting part! Getting your gorgeous piece into place on your wall or door :) Before you remove your piece from the backing board, just bear in mind that the acrylic mirror is beautiful

  • Why is my mirrored plaque dull?

    Don't worry! We can totally help you with this. That dull surface is definitely not the end result - we promise :) Your purchase will have arrived with a sticker on the piece that states, "Please care

  • Cake Topper - Care Guide

    Here's some advice on looking after your shiny new Cake Topper. Please handle this product with care. The acrylic mirror, in particular, is beautiful but also FRAGILE. Before putting removing this, un