Why is my mirrored plaque dull?

Don't worry! We can totally help you with this. That dull surface is definitely not the end result - we promise :)

Your purchase will have arrived with a sticker on the piece that states, "Please carefully peel off my protective film".
We leave the protective coating on to protect the surface as it travels through the post to you, so it arrives in the best possible condition.

Just a slight scratch with your fingernail, on the edge, should allow you to start peeling it off to reveal the lovely, shiny mirrored acrylic you've been expecting. 

The mirrored acrylic is indeed fragile - so please be super careful as you remove the film - as bending or mishandling may damage your piece.

And please don't feel alone!
Others have been in the same situation and we totally understand your concerns. We're confident once you peel back that film, you'll love the finished product. :)

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