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  • Bamboo Products - Care Guide

    BAMBOO CARE GUIDE Arlo & Co bamboo products are made using eco-friendly bamboo. Being a natural material, bamboo grain is subject to minor variances from piece to piece, and any variation that may

  • How might my product differ from what I see online?

    Great question! We do take care to ensure that the images and descriptions of our products are accurate. We can’t, however, be liable for differences in colour or appearance that may be attributed to

  • Why does my wood/bamboo product differ to the online version?

    Each bamboo and wood product will be slightly different than the next, because of the normal variances in grain and colour in natural material. They each have their own earthy beauty and because every

  • How can I change the spacing on my personalised note?

    We have a few products that allow you to enter your own special message, however some products won't allow you to enter spacing or change the formatting of your note. These messages are drawn up autom

  • Mounting your wall planner

    Ready to get organised? Here's some helpful tips on how to mount and care for your new Planner. We're always happy to chat on the phone about the best way to securely mount your planner to the wall -

  • What's the difference between ready made, personalised and custom products?

    Good question, glad you asked :) Ready-made Products These are items from our store that require no personalisation - including products like our Hip Hip Hooray Cake Toppers, our Ice Cream Wall Sticke

  • Using Your Artwork Display Hanger

    Here you'll find some pointers on mounting and using your brand new Artwork Display Hanger! The clear acrylic bracket should be mounted to the wall using screws for a secure hold. Alternatively, you

  • Mounting and using your Height Chart

    Your Arlo & Co Height Chart is made from natural bamboo and high quality canvas. Here you'll find information on how to mount your Height Chart to the wall where you'd like it to hang! You can use

  • Arlo & Co's Complete Terms & Conditions

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS This website is operated by Arlo & Co and powered by Shopify. The following Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship between Arlo & Co and our site’s users. At all times, an

  • What have customers said about Arlo & Co?

    We know you love to hear how this all translates to real life, without any gimmicky marketing :) What some of our customers have to say I was just saying to your Customer Service team how I'm constant