Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

If you placed your order under three weeks ago, it's possible that we're still working on it for you.

We include the shipping info on each of our product descriptions so you know how long your order might take, so you can place yours with all the info you need :)

We recommend that customers allow up to three weeks for their order to be created - before postage - although most times it's much quicker than this.

Here are some things that may affect production time:

How many items are in your order?
If you have quite a 'mixed bag' in terms of what types of products you ordered, and how many there are, this may affect how quickly your order is ready to send to you. We create different products every day, meaning that if you placed an order for magnets and name plaques, they may be made a whole week after one another. So while part of your order is sitting there waiting, some of your order may still need to be created.

Is it Peak Time?
Our team is committed to getting your products out to you in the quickest time possible - especially when we know that there is a significant date on the calendar that many are working towards. If you've ordered during a peak retail season such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Boxing Day and End of Term gifting time, your order may take up to 3-4 weeks to be created, have finishing touches applied, then be sorted and packaged before being readied for the Postie to collect. We literally have thousands of orders coming through to our team during these periods.

Are your products personalised?
We're not a pick off the shelf kinda store. We make each item individually, to your preferences and specifications - that's what makes them so special! But, this also means that there is additional time involved in getting these made and sent out to you. If you've ordered something that doesn't have any personalisation, such as our set design wall decals, or milestone cards, please feel free to send us a message to let us know that your order is still waiting and usually (if we have stock ready), we can pop it through for you right away, so your simple order isn't waiting in the queue with all the personalised ones.

Has it been posted?
If your order has been posted, once it's out of our hands, it's up to the Postie to do his/her thing and get it to you. The travel times will depend on what type of postage you selected and where you're located. You can find more info about that here.

Did you make a change to your order?
If you happened to send through a request to change something (and we managed to catch it), or have ordered a remake, this will delay your order as we need to create this product again.

Still a little concerned...?
If your order is currently sitting at the three week mark since you placed it, please feel free to send us a message and we can follow up for you to make sure we're tracking okay with it all :)

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